The first week is easy and filled with enthusiasm. Then reality hits you as you realize the old stand-bys of spaghetti or tostadas are no longer available to you. You have to make a whole new list of "go-to" recipes. And that is a daunting task. This is a journey I have just started. I am keeping my food journal here so that when you are in a rut or are starting to panic you can look here for ideas and perhaps even inspiration.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life happens to the best of us.

I realize that I have been MIA for almost 2 months (where the heck does the time go?!?).
Never fear though - I have not fallen off the wagon and been hit by a bread truck.
What can I say? Life happens. Kids happen. Easter happens. Family happens. Do I need to go on? I'm sure you've all been there. And, if you haven't you will be someday because: life happens...

My goals for this site have changed a little though. For one thing I don't plan on adding anymore food journals for now. I figure that a 6 week guide should be enough for anyone wanting to look through it. And, I was getting a little self-conscience about everyone reading what I was eating everyday! Especially when it was the same thing over and over. Life can also be boring while it happens.

So: my new goals are to post a few recipes a week as well as any eating insights I come across. Hopefully it will still be helpful. Comments and questions are always welcome! Love to all you fellow budding paleo people as well as those of you who just dabble in it.

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